3 Ways to be Visible in Your Business Today

If you want to grow your business, have more customers, make a bigger impact or become known as a leader in your industry – you need to step out from behind your computer and be SEEN and HEARD.

You need to be more visible in your business.

Many business owners know that being more visible in their businesses will make a huge impact. It builds trust, puts you on potential customers radars and opens up doors to so many opportunities.

So why don’t more of us do it?

Fear, nerves, always something else to do, not feeling ‘on it’ or we find watching and hearing ourselves too cringe to bare….yep we know that feeling!

Here’s the thing though. We have more opportunities available to us than ever before to be more visible in our businesses and it doesn’t have to mean standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people.

Today we’ve got 3 ways of being visible in your business to share with you, many of which you can start and do TODAY….no excuses lovely 😉

1. Facebook Live

If your business has a Facebook Page (and if it doesn’t consider having 1), when was the last time you went live on the page? If your answer is ‘never’ or ‘hmmm let me think’ – it was too long ago! It takes 2 minutes to do a Facebook Live and you can share tips, business updates, latest news or simply say hello to your followers and check in with them.

2. Public Speaking

Public speaking doesn’t just mean Ted Talks, though that’s awesome if you get the opportunity! Put yourself forward to speak at industry events, and events where your ideal customers are. Imagine the impact of being able to speak to a group of potential customers! Don’t forget to film and get photos of your marketing and social media!

3. Podcasting

Not quite ready to put your face out there? Podcasting is a great way to get your message heard and connect with your audience. You can either start your own or approach podcasters you love to see if you can be on their show!

Ready to become more visible? We’re here to help…

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Caroline x

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