Her Business Story: Karen Seymour, Founder of Karen Seymour Marketing

Female entrepreneur Karen Seymour

In today’s interview we meet female entrepreneur Karen Seymour, who is the founder of Karen J Seymour Digital Marketing.

Karen tell us about your business and what you do

Karen J Seymour – Digital Marketing, LLC works with small business owners to manage their presence on social media. I also provide coaching on how to use social media to grow their business and increase sales.

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Life is too short to spend doing something that doesn’t light you up! For the last few years of my career as an environmental consultant, I felt restless. I felt as though I was not doing what I should be doing. Based on my personality, I knew I wanted to be of service. And after I took my first marketing class, I was hooked! It was perfect. I could help other entrepreneurs reach their dreams, I could do it using a cool mix of science and creativity and I could do it without sacrificing my work-life balance. Check, check and check!

How long did it take for you to put your idea into action? What prompted you to act?

So, I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have the courage to do it. I had invested so much into this career, had a Master’s degree and made great money. But life intervened. Complications from a routine surgery lead to a near death experience. So near, I knew I was dying. Something like that really wakes you up. Forces you to realize that life is nothing without taking a risk and betting on yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. For me, it was a realization of a dream, Karen J Seymour – Digital Marketing, LLC.

What has been your scariest moment as an entrepreneur?

I think I have my scariest moments at least once a week, lol. I think all entrepreneurs have those moments when you stop and think “what the hell am I doing?” But the moment always passes.

What has been your proudest moment?

My proudest moment so far was creating and launching my website!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from founding your own company?

So many lessons!

Lesson 1: I am enough. I am smart enough, kind enough and knowledgeable enough to give real value to my clients.

Lesson 2: It’s ok to fail at something, but the key is to get back up, learn from the mistake, and get your ass back to work!

Lesson 3: Ask for what you need!

Which women inspire you?

Too many to mention. I love that there are so many badass business women to look up now.!

What one thing do you wish someone had told you when you first started out?

 That success doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with the process. Also, don’t expect you can do it all on your own. I am a social media marketer. That’s what I’m good at – accounting, not so much. It’s ok to let an expert, help.

What’s the best piece of business advice someone has ever given you?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’m an introvert at heart and talking about myself is my least favorite thing! But, you wont grow business locked away in your room. Get out there, take that chance, talk to strangers and sell yourself!

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