Her Business Story: Eddette Steynberg, Founder of Eddette Steynberg Coaching

In today’s Her Business Story we meet Eddette Steynberg, the female founder behind Eddette Steynberg Coaching.

Eddette tell us about your business and what you do

I am the missing ”online” link for creative female entrepreneurs, coaches & photographers who have been running their businesses with a limited online presence or impact.

I am in the process of creating various online courses and programs as well as one-on-one coaching programs for ladies who know their business inside out but feel they need accountability, structure and strategy when it comes to social media, websites, landing pages, lead magnets, connecting with their ideal clients or becoming visible online. I always start my coaching programs with mindset work, money beliefs and identifying client values as nothing is independent and everything is linked when it comes to being an entrepreneur!

Is this your first company?

I have tried many different ventures over the past few years – I call myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur! I was a professional wedding portrait and photographer for 5 years and before this I had a graphic design & website development venture which lasted a few months. I also started a house-sharer agency and removal company with my previous partner. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, yes, but I learned A LOT about setting a business up online, running and failing at a business, business structures, working with HMRC, outsourcing etc!

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I have always had it in my blood as my father started and ran a few of his own businesses. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to run my own business and work for myself.

What has been your scariest moment as an entrepreneur so far?

Quitting my full time (and secure) job the first time when I became a professional photographer just over 8 years ago.

I was completely unprepared and clueless about running a business and simply had passion, a dream and belief in myself. I managed to go for 8 months before realising I had knew very little about running a business and that it was unwise to survive on credit cards only! I had to go back to working full time whilst running my business on the side of my full-time job but managed to build my photography business to a huge success nevertheless.

What has been your proudest moment?

I had to pinch myself when I started to book international destination weddings and were paid (all expenses covered) to travel to places like Goa, India, Munich, Germany and Tuscany, Italy to photograph weddings!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from founding your own company?

The first lesson is that you need to have a huge, unwavering vision, belief in yourself and internal drive to succeed.

The second is to ensure your entrepreneurial venture truly matches your key life values and beliefs. Find out what these are if you have not yet done so! For example – if your family and family time is one of your key life values – it makes no sense for you to start your own business which will allow you to travel and see the world, but keeps you away from home and leaves you with very little to zero time with your family.

What does success mean to you?

Hitting the goals I set for myself and my business, whilst feeling happy, balanced and content. This is key. There is no success in my mind if you hate every second of reaching the goals you set yourself. Success is to set goals with my key life values and beliefs in mind and reminding myself and sticking to these goals throughout the process of achieving them.

Which women inspire you?

Melissa Ambrosini, Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Chris Karr, Gabrielle Bernstein.

What’s the best piece of business advice someone has ever given you?

Do your own thing and use your own voice and be yourself – if you have no idea what this is or how this sounds, find out! Also, stop comparing yourself and your business with strangers on the internet.

Thank you Eddette for sharing your entrepreneurial journey with A League of Her Own. If you would like to connect with Eddette, please click the links below.

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