Kickstart The Year

This month in The League we are all about kickstarting the year, and helping you make the very best of 2018.  January is always a great time of the year to set yourself new challenges, and finally tackle the big aims you’ve had on your mind for a while.  With everyone around you planning New Year’s Resolutions, why not plan a few business ones for yourself?

What are my tips for making the most of the new year:

1. Buy a planner, white board or diary

Everyone plans things in different ways.  Work out what suits you best, and map our your year accordingly.  I use a series of monthly notebooks, an annual planner, and various white boards.  Some people use apps, others use inspiration boards.  There are no right or wrong answers – just find the best way to keep yourself on track and accountable.

 2. Plan goals for your entire life

Make positive changes across your whole life – don’t simply limit your list to your business aims.  You’ll be surprised by the way positive change to one area of your life affects all the other areas.

 3. Find an accountability partner

Tell someone else about your aims – whether it’s sharing them on social media, or finding a like-minded friend to keep you accountable.  Check in regularly to make sure you are staying on track to complete your goals.  Our League Facebook group is a great place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs – join the club now to get access to it.

 4. Choose some kick-ass rewards

As the year progresses, plan your rewards accordingly.  When you complete a challenge or an aim, make sure you treat yourself – whether it’s with something as simple as a massage or a nice meal, or something larger that you’ve wanted for some time.  Make the rewards worth working for!

 5. Dream big

You’re capable of far more than you think!

Get started now.  Write down a list of all the things you want to achieve in 2018, and start ticking them off as the year progresses!  And remember to keep us updated – either with a comment on here, or on our Facebook or Twitter – about how you’re getting on!

Good luck with it all – you’ve got this!

Charly xx






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