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Motivation Module


Starting and up-levelling a business can be a daunting experience.  Sometimes the list of tasks can seem endless, and it is easiest just to put the list to one side.  But here at A League of Her Own we want you to make the most of each day and tackle it head on!

In this module we take you through the steps of planning your most successful year. We will reflect on the last year, encourage you to create a clean slate and then work on targets for the new year.  We’ll discuss methods for staying on track and remaining accountable, and explore resources to help you achieve your aims.  We will explore sources of inspiration, survival methods for down days, and suggest rewards.  We will also examine methods for measuring your success, and provide ideas to kickstart your year.

By the end of this module you’ll have a clear strategy for the year, and be ready to hit the ground running with your business.

This module is ideal no matter the time of year, it doesn’t have to be January to make changes!

Guest Speakers

Abigail Barnes

Author, Speaker, Coach

Abigail is a business coach, who specialises in the topic of time management.  She is the author of ‘Time Management for Entrepreneurs’ and shares her advice on managing your time and being as efficient as possible with us.

Susie Chan

Professional Endurance Runner

Susie Chan is one of the most well-known endurance runners in the UK.  She has completed the Marathon des Sables three times, broken a Guiness World Record, completed a full Ironman triathlon, and run and paced countless half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons.  Susie talks to us about motivation, down days, setting goals and persistence.

Lisa Jacobs

Author – Your Best Year

Lisa Jacobs is a marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs. Her expertise comes from her own success in turning $100 of supplies into thousands of sales and a top-earning Etsy storefront. She freely shares her insights and strategy with like-minded entrepreneurial spirits on the blog, Marketing Creativity, and is the proud creator of The Luminaries Club: your creative business headquarters.  Lisa talks to us about her book ‘Your Best Year’.

By the end of this module you will:


Have reflected on your past working year
Create clear goals for the year ahead
Establish the resources required to achieve your goals
 Develop clear accountability strategies
Find sources of inspiration & reward
Create a contingency plan for down days
Have a clear calendar of aims for the year ahead


Resource Guide
Live Q&A
Private Community


In Addition, Members Get Access to All This

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Paula Gilbert
Paula Gibson

Being a League member has given me an instant and invaluable support network created by Caroline and Charly. I thoroughly enjoy all the informative modules designed to answer my many business questions!

Natalie Stratford PMU
Natalie Stratford
Natalie Stratford PMU

I’m so glad I joined The League. I absolutely love it and the support given by Caroline and Charly.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 800px x 800px – Untitled Design(2)
Hannah Witton
YouTuber and Author

Charly and Caroline are absolute boss women and so inspiring to me! It’s a pleasure working with them but also just a pleasure to watch them work and see all their well deserved successes.

Saskia Nelson
Hey Tuesday
I’m a big fan. These two together are the next-gen rockstars of the entrepreneurial world. Their service? Well, let’s just say if you want to forge ahead starting up your own business, you need to get on this. Plus, while you may not come for the sausage dog updates, it’ll certainly make you want to stick around 🙂
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 800px x 800px – Untitled Design(1)
Cheryl Hersey
Action PR
With two of London’s most dynamic female entrepreneurs at the helm, A League of Her Own is surely set for fantastic success.  Charly and Caroline’s energy, connections and business nous, combined with this network is one that every dynamic woman will want to be a part of.
Copy of Copy of Copy of 800px x 800px – Untitled Design
Gemma Newton
UK Blog Awards

A League of Her Own is just what the industry needs.  Inspiring content that works from innovative entrepreneurs who are always one step ahead of the curve.

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