7 PR Tips from a Journalist

Last month in The League we focussed on all things PR!  Not only did Members get a one-hour long training video, which covered everything from doing your own PR, approaching journalists and finding the right PR company for you, but we also chatted to three PR experts.

In our members-only Facebook, we also had a Live Q&A with award-winning journalist Alix Fox.  Alix hosts a podcast for The Guardian, and has written for most national newspapers and magazines.  She appears regularly on Radio 1, and is one of the most well regarded ‘sexperts’ in the country.  She’s also an absolute legend and was happy to answer all of The League members’ burning questions about PR and getting coverage from journalists about their companies.

To watch the full interview, join The League here and sign straight into our members-only Facebook group, where you can watch the entire 45 minute video.  However here are a few of Alix’s top tips for approaching journalists with PR stories …

  1. Make sure you have read or listened to the publication or show you are approaching
  2. Try to personalise your email approach.  Be careful getting the journalist’s name correct etc.
  3. Ask ahead if you want to send a journalist a freebie
  4. Try not to chase up too much – and don’t expect coverage even if you’ve sent a free trial to someone.
  5. Be imaginative, but don’t ‘click-bait’ journalists.
  6. Include good high-quality images, or have them available for the journalist to use.
  7. Be clear on what the story is, and offer a few ways to present it.

To hear more from Alix, head over to The League! In the December module we also spoke to Cheryl Hersey from Action PR, Katrina Kutchinsky of KK Communications and Antonia Taylor, from Antonia Taylor PR.

If you’re not already a League Member, January is the month to join, as we have our first members-only live meet up.  Our module this month is designed to ‘Kickstart Your Year’ with motivational ways to set targets for the year, and stick to them over the next 12 months.


Charly xx

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