Social Media Module

Social Media Module


In this module you’ll learn how to use social media to grow your business.

Is your social having a positive impact on the bottom line of your business accounts? If not, this module is for you. We’ll be focusing on how to use social media strategically, to connect with your ideal customers and make more sales. We’ve included a workbook which will keep your social efforts focused….because we all know how easy it is to spend hours on social with nothing to show for it!

Guest Speakers

Charreah Jackson

Founder Boss Bride & Senior Editor Essence Magazine

What Charreah doesn’t know about social media, doesn’t exist! In this interview we discuss the fundamentals of social media and how you can put them into practice in your business.

Terri White

Editor-in-Chief Empire Magazine

An award winning editor, Terri truly understands the importance of connecting with your audience via social. With millions of followers across their platforms, we talk to Terri about how to get people engaged and turn them into brand fans.

Hannah Witton

Vlogger & Author

Hannah has made a career from Vlogging which has led to publishing a book, public speaking gigs and endless opportunities. We talk to Hannah about the impact social media can have on your business and she shares her advice for using social successfully.

By the end of this module you will:


Understand the 1 key reason businesses use social
Set social objectives to grow your business
Understand the strengths & weaknesses of the main platforms
Choose the right social platforms for your business
Know how to grow your following (for the right reasons!)
Increase engagement on your social
Create quality sharable content


FAQ Worksheet
Live Q&A
Private Community


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Natalie Stratford PMU
Natalie Stratford
Natalie Stratford PMU

I’m so glad I joined The League. I absolutely love it and the support given by Caroline and Charly.

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Hannah Witton
YouTuber and Author

Charly and Caroline are absolute boss women and so inspiring to me! It’s a pleasure working with them but also just a pleasure to watch them work and see all their well deserved successes.

Saskia Nelson
Hey Tuesday
I’m a big fan. These two together are the next-gen rockstars of the entrepreneurial world. Their service? Well, let’s just say if you want to forge ahead starting up your own business, you need to get on this. Plus, while you may not come for the sausage dog updates, it’ll certainly make you want to stick around 🙂
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Cheryl Hersey
Action PR
With two of London’s most dynamic female entrepreneurs at the helm, A League of Her Own is surely set for fantastic success.  Charly and Caroline’s energy, connections and business nous, combined with this network is one that every dynamic woman will want to be a part of.
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Gemma Newton
UK Blog Awards

A League of Her Own is just what the industry needs.  Inspiring content that works from innovative entrepreneurs who are always one step ahead of the curve.

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