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This month inside ‘The League‘ (our members-only learning platform) we’re talking about all things ‘Visibility’.  How can you stay visible in business? How can you get noticed?  Well a great way is by getting comfortable with public speaking, and actively pursuing speaker engagements.  We are also big fans of getting out and about – going to events, networking, and learning new skills.  So Caroline and I decided to combine the two, and head to one of Speaker Express’s regular London club nights.

The night is structured, with different members speaking for 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes at a time, but audience members are also encouraged to go up on stage.  The theme of the evening was monetising your speaking.  So, what did we learn from our fab hosts Annik Petrou and Lovelda Vincenzi?

  1. If you want more speaking opportunities, contact people directly.  Find an event you’d like to speak at, and reach out to them.  Where possible include footage of yourself speaking.
  2. With that in mind – always record your speaking opportunities.  People want to see you can speak – videos are better than photos for this very reason.  If you can’t film videos then still get photos – and showcase them on your website and social media.
  3. Put together a show reel with these clips.  Make sure it’s no more than 3 minutes – people have short attention spans!
  4. If you get a gig, ask for the next gig then and there, or shortly afterwards.  Contact the organisers / venue – do they do other stuff?
  5. Dedicate a month to building your network.  Spend half an hour each day networking – online or in real life.  Ask people if they know events or speaker opportunities you could benefit from.
  6. When you’re speaking, ask the audience questions as part of your talk.  Get them thinking and really engaging.
  7. Think carefully about your stage presence – how you stand, where you stand, whether you move etc …

For more public speaking tips, head inside The League.  We have interviews with Annik herself, as well as speaker coach Harriet Waley-Cohen and the founder of TedX Clapham Alex Merry.

Get speaking!

Charly xx

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